Woodland Walk by Nathalie Lete - Mitzi and Friends Panel


This panel is NOT included in the Woodland Walk FQ Bundle.

Woodland walk … I’m going slowly and silently into the woods. I stop and just observe around me...the birds sing from a tree, and then suddenly a couple of dear with their fawns appear behind the bush. Rabbits and hares jump between the clovers and butterflies are flying around the wild roses…I’m like the little red riding hood and love to be in the middle of the forest.

Manufacturer: Free Spirit Fabrics 
Collection: Woodland Walk 
Designer: Nathalie Lete 
Print: Mitzi and Friends
Panel: 75cm / 30" x 112cm / 44" approx.
100% Cotton

Panel is sold in 90cm (full repeat) increments and multiple quantities will be cut as a continuous piece.

Quantity of 1 = 75cm x WOF

Quantity of 2 = 1.5m xWOF 
Quantity of 3 = 2.25m x WOF
Quantity of 4 = 3m x WOF