Sew Fine Thread Gloss by Karen Lewis


Karen has again collaborated with Jenn from Sew Fine Thread Gloss to bring you these new tubs of wonderfulness. Together they have created these special edition thread glosses with fragrances that conjure up some of Karen's favourite outdoor wanderings in the countryside near her home in Yorkshire. Sew Fine Thread Gloss is a beeswax-based scented thread conditioner to help make your hand-sewing less tangly and smelling fantastic...No more tangled, knotted or static-y threads while you're hand-sewing! Choose between...

:: Twilight
breathe deep the cold crisp nighttime air...

:: Grange
walk in the countryside and stroll past old wooden barns...

:: Meadow
reminiscent of the fields bursting with summertime wildflowers.

To use: thread your needle and lay the thread close to the needle on the thread gloss. Using your thumb, put light pressure on the thread while you pull the thread along the top of the thread gloss. One or two light pulls should be plenty. Knot your thread and start stitching!