Eden by Tula Pink September 24, 2015 19:38

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The Tourmaline colour story of Eden by Tula Pink is now in stock.  Some of the True Color prints are also available.

Unfortunately, one print (Lotus in Tomato) and some of the True Color fabrics are still in transit.

I, of course, am not good at waiting. 

I'm excited to have these fabrics, the Flower Market quilt is on my agenda for the Christmas holidays.  

Getting there. Slowly September 23, 2015 22:03 2 Comments

It's been frustrating for me, so I hope it's been just as frustrating for you, too.  I'm quite kind like that.

I'm no technological genius, and the "back end" of a website is not to be trifled with.  So... of course I do.  The changes are slow and painstaking, but the goal is to have a website that doesn't give up at the drop of a hat (like it did on that other platform for most of the last year).

Thankfully, my friend Sue helps me pick up the pieces when I make a bit of a mess of it.

On that note, yay for friends!  Especially ones who are IT savvy.  :)